1. Website Design Template

The team at iLaunch will provide two Customized Graphical Website Templates for you to choose from which include your logo, branding and example imagery. You choose one, and this template will ultimately become the face of your website.

2. Start with up to 10 Pages

The package also includes 10 HTML pages (in addition to the included, Privacy Policy and Site Map).
Our developers will create and setup each page with your content. Using the administration panel, you will be able to update your content and images yourself without any additional cost.

You can add more pages yourself at an additional cost. Please see the add-on’s section.

3. Professionally Developed System

iLaunch aims to design websites that are fast and easy to use. We are aware of the importance of being able to navigate around the website quickly and effectively.

iLaunch promote a three click design standard; it should take no more than three clicks for a client to find what they are looking for. This makes it easy for potential clients to use, provides fast service and limits the amount of time a client should spend trying to find information on your website.

We quality assure all our websites to ensure they are of the highest standard.

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4. Content Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System is a web application that contains all of the tools necessary for you to manage your website. It allows you to:

• Edit your website content using your web browser (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer)
• Upload pictures, documents, movies and display them on your pages
• Add, edit or delete site pages and alter your website structure

The iLaunch standard package includes installation of your content into the Content Management System, so that your website is setup and ready to go.

The CMS allows you to personally update and maintain this content information without having to pay additional costs for the web developer to complete text changes.

There are additional features that can be installed into the CMS system, please see the add- on section.

5. Email Stationary

iLaunch’s package includes email stationery which is created based on your selected template. Email stationery is a letterhead used within Outlook or Thunderbird email programs which provides a professional image when communicating with your guest and/or sending specials and return guest offers.

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6. Special Features

Image Gallery
The Image Gallery module allows you to create photo albums and upload your pictures of photos to be displayed on the website in an attractive format. This is great for showcasing your product line, or your establishment,

7. Hosting

The iLaunch package includes 24 months local website hosting, with a guaranteed up time of 99%. Unlimited email addresses are included.

Our servers are located in Australia on a high-availability lightning fast network. This means your website is located as close to your intended audience as possible.

8. Search Engine Optimisation

iLaunch focuses on getting your website ranked first for your business name, and to drive additional traffic for other keyword terms. We will optimise your iLaunch website with an aim to achieve higher website rankings in all major search engines.

With searches engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing playing an increasingly important role in the website traffic referred to websites, it’s important for sites to make sure they get maximum exposure.

9. Directory Advertising

To boost your website rankings and provide additional traffic, each iLaunch website includes a 12 month subscription to our promotional directory (normally valued at $199). You can use Google Analytics to track your incoming traffic.

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10. Add-ons

There are a range of additional add-ons to make your website stand out:

  • News and Press Release Add-on - $11 per month
    Allows you to easily publish articles to your website.
  • Newsletter and Subscriptions Add-on - $11 per month
    Build a marketing database and send targeted newsletters and promotions to your visitors.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Add-On + $11 per month
    Provide a knowledge base of categorised questions and answers to reduce your support load, and provide information your visitors are looking for.
  • Online Reservations System Add-On - $22 per month
    *HOT* Adding a reservations system to your website has never been easier. Add it to your website and take direct accommodation bookings online.
  • Testimonials & Reviews Add-On - $11 per month
    Let your customers tell the world about you. The testimonials and reviews add-on allows you to display approved reviews and collect them from your visitors.
  • Any additional pages for your website are charged a once-off $44 per page.
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Download Brochure

  • Customised Graphical Website Templates
  • 10 HTML Pages
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Dynamic Image Gallery
  • Email Stationery
  • 24 Months Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • 12 Months Directory Advertising
  • Quality Assured Development
  • BONUS Enquiry Form with Google Maps

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