iLaunch Terms and Conditions

  1. The initial Term of this Agreement is 24 months.
  2. The minimum Monthly Service fee is $99 for each month of the Agreement. Additional fees may be charged if the Client chooses optional add-on modules.
  3. At the conclusion of the initial Term the Agreement will become a month by month Agreement with either party being able to terminate this Agreement by providing to the other party 14 days written notice. The Extended Monthly Service fee is $66 plus any optional add-on modules.
  4. The Extended Monthly Service fee will provide ongoing administration and hosting services.
  5. The Client agrees to pay each invoice within 7 days of issue.
  6. The iLaunch website including the iLaunch CMS must be hosted on the iLaunch web servers. At no time can any of the supplied services, including the iLaunch CMS or iLaunch website be transferred to an external hosting company.
  7. We guarantee to deliver the completed iLaunch website within 14 business days of receipt of a) the signed Agreement, b) all requested content and materials, and c) payment of the set up charge.  
  8. Should iLaunch fail to deliver the website within 14 business days from receipt of a) the signed Agreement, b) all requested content and materials, and c) payment of the set up charge the iLaunch website will be delivered completely free of charge. All collected monies at this point will be refunded to the Client.
  9. The Monthly Service fee will begin on the first day of the month following the Agreement date.
  10. All monies received are non-refundable unless the guarantee in clause 8 is involved by the Client.  
  11. The Client must appoint a representative to liaise with the iLaunch Project Coordinator. This representative will be considered the primary point of contact for the Client and will have the Client's authority to make decisions concerning the project.
  12. Graphical Template changes can be purchased within the project.
  13. The supplied iLaunch hosting services include 1024 MB of transferred data. Any data transferred in excess of this will incur additional charges. Excess hosting will be charged at $0.07 per MB above 1,024 MB transferred in one calendar month.
  14. All required project materials including Logo's, Images and Content must be received by the iLaunch Project Coordinator, in a digital format before the project will begin. The project will not be scheduled until all material is received.
  15. iLaunch will not be liable and holds no responsibility for any delay caused by the non-receipt of required Logo's, Images and Content. Failure to provide all required materials may result in the project being delayed or halted.
  16. In accordance with www.istockphoto.com Terms and conditions, any istock images included within the design of the site are only permitted to be used on this site. The ownership of the images will remain with iLaunch.
  17. Materials provided by the Client, including (but not limited to) images, content, video, and audio will not be proofed by iLaunch for spelling mistakes, grammar, or any other concerns. The Client is responsible for obtaining or having the right to use all materials as supplied. The Client assumes all liability in relation to any material which is supplied. Copywriting services can be provided at an additional cost.
  18. The intellectual property rights of the Content Management System including all add-on modules will be retained at all times by iLaunch.
  19. The copyright of the website will remain at all times with iLaunch.
  20. In no event will iLaunch be liable for any lost revenue, profit, or data, or indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages or any other loss or claim however caused.
  21. Included in the Agreement will be a website containing 10 pages including one (1) compulsory Site Map and Privacy Page. It is considered that One (1) html page is equivalent to one (1) A4 page. Additional pages can be purchased at a cost of $44 per page. This charge does not include any additional dynamic or advance html programming.
  22. Any additional structural and/or graphical changes required to a completed websites will be completed at a quoted rate. Please see your sales person or project coordinator for more information.
  23. The Client may terminate this Agreement by giving iLaunch in a written notice to terminate at any time after the first twelve months of the Term.  The Client must pay to iLaunch an early Termination payment calculated by multiplying the Monthly Service fee by the remaining months in the Term. The payment of the Termination fee must be made prior to the effective date of the Termination. All other Terms and conditions of this Agreement will continue to apply during the period prior to the Termination.
  24. iLaunch reserves the right to include a discreet, minimised development tag on the bottom baseline of the iLaunch website. This development tag will be set at Arial 10pt font (or similar font) and bear the words (or similar wording to) 'Affordable Web Design by iLaunch'. The words 'Affordable Website Design' and 'iLaunch' will link back to www.iLaunch.com.au. This tag will also include the iLaunch logo. This tag and the associated link may be changed at any time without notice.
  25. iLaunch reserves the right to promote the Client as a Client of iLaunch and include the Client's logo, name and contact details in iLaunch marketing and advertising programs.
  26. When the eTourism Online Reservations System is included within the iLaunch project a hyperlink will be included linking to www.etourism.com.au.
  27. One or more additional hyperlinks will be included on the bottom baseline of the project and or within the sitemap. These hyperlinks will be included for the purpose of a link building strategy which will provide benefit to all iLaunch Clients.

For more information on any of these terms and conditions please contact your sales representative.

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  • Customised Graphical Website Templates
  • 10 HTML Pages
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Dynamic Image Gallery
  • Email Stationery
  • 24 Months Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • 12 Months Directory Advertising
  • Quality Assured Development
  • BONUS Enquiry Form with Google Maps

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